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Reviews of the Summer 2023

Explore the experiences and insights of those who have graced our stages, learned from our talented instructors, and immersed themselves in the world of ballet. Whether you're considering joining us or simply want to relive the magic, these reviews offer a glimpse into the transformative journey of the Prague Summer Ballet Workshop.

Lin Xiurong


I am very happy to have the opportunity to go to Prague with the teachers to participate in training. The training intensity this time is really high. I am very happy that I was able to hold on until the end and did not give up. Thank you teacher for organizing this trip for us. I am very happy to have classes and work hard with teachers and students from different places. I also like this weekend trip. Many beautiful scenery really opened my eyes. Ate a lot of Czech food and ice cream 🍦 
Finally, I would like to thank the hard-working teacher for taking us out to improve ourselves. I really learned a lot of ballet and modern knowledge and physical application. Thank you for the hard-working teacher for leading us to know the Czech Republic. I hope that we can come to Europe again next summer and continue Feel the beauty of ballet ❤️❤️❤️


12 years (USA)

The staff and teachers were all so amazing! I specifically loved the ballet and contemporary teachers because they helped me view my technique in fun and different ways. Would definitely recommend, and enjoyed this intensive.


15 years (USA)

This summer intensive was so amazing! All of the staff and teachers were very kind and helpful. I learned so much and I made so many friends. We learned really powerful dances in contemporary class and an array of challenging variations during repertoire. It was truly a special experience!

Qiu Yuqin


During this Prague Summer Ballet, I trained for five consecutive days every week and nearly six hours a day. I discovered a lot of my own possibilities and made breakthroughs and progress again and again every day! The way of learning there is very different from the way in Taiwan. You really have to go out and walk around to realize how different you are from others, and you will also find that there are actually many areas that you need to improve on. For example, performance is a big difference. Festival! In these short two weeks, I learned and had fun, and it was a very fulfilling life! The happiest thing is having the opportunity to dance and learn with people from other countries 💃🏼

He Ruian


It must be a five-star review! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Hello, I am He Ruian. I really gained a lot from participating in this Prague ballet camp. I have new thoughts and feelings from my mind to my body. Throughout the day, there were ballet, modern, repertoire. At first, I thought that I would not be able to keep up. By the end of the first day, that thought disappeared immediately. I completely enjoyed dancing, and I was able to dance and communicate with people from different countries. In addition to taking classes, I also Visiting the city of Prague feels like you are in a fairy tale, and the Czech ice cream is really delicious and the pizza is so good. Thank you to the teacher for organizing this event. Applause 10,000 times for your hard work.


15 years (Ukraine)

Everything was very cool. The organisation was on the high level and I really like this workshop. Thank you very much.

Lin Pinyu


My participation in the Prague Summer Ballet was really an eye-opener for me. I go through nearly 6 hours of training every day. During these 6 hours, what I look forward to most every time is the modern class. The 2-hour class feels like it ends in only 10 minutes. Thank you teachers for your hard work these two weeks. They took care and support, took us to eat a lot of delicious food and ice cream, and saw a lot of beautiful scenery that we couldn't see in Taiwan. Thank you for your hard work, teachers!

Giovanna Sun Xi'en


This is the first time I have left this small island abroad, and it is a far away country. Arriving in a beautiful place that spoke a language I didn’t understand and had a culture I was unfamiliar with, I seemed to fall in love with this land when I first saw Prague.

However, this feeling of admiration did not last long, because I knew that the next step was two weeks of ballet training. During the course, I learned different dance schools and saw different powerful teachers.

In the ballet class, I learned about artistry and flow, and I also saw combinations I had never learned before; in the modern class, I learned about life, emotion, softness and strength... The half-month course went very smoothly and I was very happy, and I also learned about Prague, Czech Republic. history and motivations.

I'm so grateful to have had this opportunity to see a small part of the larger world...

I would also like to thank my fellow teachers who accompanied each other when I went abroad this time, which made me grow again! ! !

Wen Tingya


I am very happy to participate in this Prague summer ballet camp. Every day feels fresh and exciting. Although I have physical pain and fatigue, my mood is very happy! ! ! Through this trip abroad, I opened my eyes and experienced the differences between Eastern and Western teachers and students. Foreign children have an innate sense of the beauty of ballet. It may be that they have been exposed to it since they were young.They have seen more of it than we have, so they are better able to express it through imagination and use their bodies. We need a lot of time to imitate and practice. This is why teachers often tell us to read more and learn more!These two weeks were also the two weeks when I learned the most ballet sketches. In addition to testing my reaction and memory, I think it also tested my ability to digest new things and perform them when I didn’t have much time to practice. Fortunately, these sketches The movements in will be practiced in the class combination, it is just a recombination. The advantage of multi-person classes is that you can appreciate others in groups, remember the strengths of others, learn from them, and try your best to show them when you dance. I found that the ambitions of foreign children are very strong.No matter how well they dance, their confidence and momentum Both attitude and attitude are worth learning!

In the past two weeks, we have also received guidance from 8 teachers. We have discovered the differences between Eastern and Western teachers in the combinations and teaching: Western teachers are all simple and powerful, and the combination movements are not too complicated. I hope that what I practice is not For memory, let the students only do a single repetition of this key action at a time; Teacher Dongfang will not only test the students' memory a little, but there will also be two or three key points in the combination at the same time. I hope you can do it. You can train your body to master multiple key points. In terms of teaching, Western teachers use encouraging teaching, while Eastern teachers will try their best to improve what they see and hope you can improve it. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages, but they are still good medicine but bitter in taste!The past two weeks have been very fulfilling. In addition to improving their dance skills in the classroom, friends from the East and West competed and exchanged ideas with each other. After class, they became tourists. More friends who love to dance! Thank you to the teachers for planning such a great summer camp, and also to the teachers for their care and guidance abroad.

I am really happy to participate in this activity, and I will go again next time! ! !😆

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