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1. Personal Data Processing:

On our website, we use forms for workshop participants where we collect the following information: name, surname, age, and email. Participants also provide data through a completed Word application form, which includes name, surname, age, email, phone, parents' names, parents' email, and parents' phone.

2. Individual Rights:

Every individual has the right to manage their personal data.

3. Consent:

When participating in the workshop, participants must consent to the processing of personal data and to being photographed and filmed during the workshop for promotional purposes. This consent is granted by the act of registration.

4. Withdrawal of Consent:

Participants have the option to withdraw their consent by canceling their participation in the workshop.

5. Data Security:

Data from forms is stored on the Wix platform. We adhere to a high standard of security, which is a general standard for platforms of this kind.

6. Data Controller:

The person responsible for processing personal data is Filip Veverka, the workshop organizer. Contact:, phone +420 739 208 004.

7. Cookies:

We currently do not have any analytical tools enabled for tracking cookies.

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